The Vitally Inspired – Living and Leading with Purpose

Living and Leading from Purpose is an intensive program for men and women of various leadership levels who are hungry to elevate their passion, inspiration, and purpose to make an impact worthy of their one, precious life. Courses in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


What's The Course All About?

This course is for individuals who ache to discover deeper meaning, passion and purpose to contribute to and impact their community and organizations. It is also for employers who recognize leadership potential and wish to develop it in their rising star employees to elicit inspired performance and unprecedented impact. Delivered in live webcast and live in person sessions. 

Inspiration Is The Most Effective Element in Successful Leadership!

This program has been developed from Dr. Cortez’s research in meaning in work and identity, her years hosting the Working on Purpose radio program, her experience delivering leadership development programs across the globe, and the latest research in the fields of leadership, purpose, inspiration, and well-being.


It was created for people who want both to work courageously toward their potential while equipping them to cultivate meaning and purpose in their team that elicits passion, inspired contribution, innovation, and persevering performance.


Organizations led from purpose outperform their peers financially by a factor of as much as six times, creating an astounding return on investment.


Reinforcing Content and Activities in the Course Include:

  • Cutting edge, avant-garde session content in purpose, inspiration, leadership and well-being
  • One on one coach sessions between course delivery days
  • Personalized Assessments – several that assess personality, motivation, purpose, strengths
  • Reflective and field assignments between sessions to cultivate course learnings
  • A focused project that demonstrates the utility of concepts learned and has value of $10,000 (demonstrating ROI of this program)

This Course IS The Real Deal!

The men and women who graduate from the Vitally Inspired Course will be transformed into much more vibrant, effective professionals who lead their team to a higher level of inspired performance. Everyone has different takeaways from the program, but one thing they all have in common is that they further realized their potential and woke up to their purpose!

"The program really helped me with accountability. The content from each session was informative and actionable. Knowing the sessions were held on a monthly basis gave me a “due date” to complete the tasks to continue progressing and growing in my business."

Andrea Pender - Director of Business Development, RLG Consulting Engineers

"The Virtually Inspired program has been a personal and professional journey over the last year. It has helped me grow and overcome obstacles. I have started to realize my purpose and the person I wish to become."

Ratinder Dhami - Director of Regulating Affairs, Network Partners 


“In addition to helping me develop my passion and purpose, this program really helped me become conscious to and separate myself from a limiting mindset that was disconnecting me from having more meaningful relationships and having the impact I want in my business."

Terrina Wilder - President of TW Consulting and Associates